Terms and Conditions


Please read carefully the booking terms and conditions.
By making the reservation, it is automatically understood that you agree from all points of view with these terms and conditions and with the changes that may occur after making the reservation. M&M Express reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions here at any time and these changes will take effect 24 hours after publication. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you will not be able to place the order. To place an order, you must be at least 18 years old. If a person makes a reservation and payment for the rental of a means of transport at the airport for a group, it will be considered that the person in question is the representative of the group and that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions on behalf of everyone.
After consulting the airport transfer offer, you have the possibility to accept or refuse the offer. If you accept the offer, it means that you will have a direct contract with M&M Express SRL. The binding contract between you and M&M Express comes into force when we send your reservation confirmation email together with the voucher. The confirmation e-mail contains a voucher or a link to your voucher, in which the terms and conditions of your reservation will be written, as well as our name will appear on the voucher together with the contact details. You must print the voucher and present it to the driver in order to receive the service you reserved. If you are unable to print the voucher, please write down its number for confirmation. The impossibility of presenting the voucher or the number may lead to the provider's refusal to perform the reserved service. A reservation request does not mean a valid reservation. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours of sending the request, it is your responsibility to contact M&M Express at the email address office@transferairport.ro or at the phone numbers displayed in the contact section.

We transport pets only on a private transfer, only of small sizes and in a special cage, accredited for the transport of animals, according to the current laws.


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Reservations can be made online, by phone or by email.


To place an order online, you must follow the appropriate steps from the reservation page of our website. When booking a means of transport at the airport, it is not mandatory to pay an advance. The cost of the service is paid in full when you are picked up by the drivers. Payment can be made in cash, in this case you will receive a tax receipt or tax invoice depending on the case, or you can pay with a credit or debit card at the mobile POS found in every car. If the card validation cannot be obtained and the payment is not made, we reserve the right to refuse your reservation request. By providing your card payment details, it is understood that you have the authority to use the card and that we will be able to immediately debit the card with an amount equal to the value of the services provided.
All orders must be placed at least 24 hours before the meeting time with the service provider. All fields in the order form marked with * are mandatory. Please fill them in correctly, because if your order is accepted, a voucher will be issued that will be sent to the e-mail address you indicated in the order form or by phone order. M&M Express does not assume responsibility for failure to properly fulfill obligations, if the information provided by you was incomplete or incorrect. The customer must inform in the order form in the "other information" section, if he wants to carry additional luggage, additional bulky equipment such as: wheelchair, skis, bicycle... etc., to know if the supplier has appropriate vehicle to honor this order. For such requests, the customer may be charged additionally by the supplier.
By completing and submitting the order form, you declare that you agree and accept the calculation method and the price for the requested service. M&M Express has the right to refuse any order sent by you. We do not guarantee successful allocation for every booking request. If we are unable to accept your request to reserve (rent) a vehicle from or to the airport, we will send you an e-mail by which we try to offer you an alternative, which may include additional costs.
Please notify us of any changes to your reservation as soon as possible. Please consult the clauses for our policy regarding changes and cancellations of an airport transfer reservation. Reservation information that you provide us, upon request, can be transmitted by the supplier with whom you have a contract, to the public authorities of the state, such as customs or immigration, research bodies, if they request, according to the legislation in force.

The economic transfer service with the pick-up of passengers from home cannot be honored if the access road to the indicated address is inadequate.
(Example: road under construction/ construction site and/or damaged road.)


The baggage allowed for each passenger is the one accepted by the airlines - 23 kg CHECK LUGGAGE AND ONE HAND LUGGAGE. If you have additional luggage, it must be declared when you make the reservation (rental), under the heading "other information", together with their details and dimensions. Additional luggage is charged with 20.- RON / luggage. The supplier reserves the right to refuse the service if it is found that the luggage exceeds the capacity of the car trunk and was not announced in advance, contains dangerous materials, firearms, flammable substances, which could endanger the safety of passengers or traffic, or if the transported luggage contravenes the laws in force specific to each country. In this case, the amount paid as an advance is not returned. All luggage must be labeled with the owner's name and phone number, including the international dialing code. Do not leave documents or valuables in your luggage. In case of loss or theft of luggage, the supplier will be responsible for their value only within the limits of the insurance it has. Do not show up to the meeting with the Supplier or the driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The provider can refuse to perform the service if he considers that he can be endangered by the behavior of a passenger. The consumption of alcohol, drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the vehicles. M&M Express is not responsible for the contents of the luggage.


Payment for services can be made in 2 ways:

  1. Full payment in advance by bank transfer to the account of M&M Express SRL, Raiffeisen Bank Brasov, Account: RO 18 RZBR 0000 0600 1649 7150
  2. Full payment in cash or by credit/debit card when you are picked up by a driver.
  3. At the agency of the M&M Express company, located in Brasov, str. G. Baritiu no. 12.

The full payment by bank transfer will be paid when the reservation of the requested service is confirmed. Requests to change your booking must be sent to us, in writing, and will not take effect until you receive confirmation that the change has been implemented. The changes can be made by you, first by consulting the "My Voucher" section of the website and then by e-mail at least 48 hours before the trip to office@transferairport.ro. Some changes may be subject to a fee that will have to be paid at the destination. For example: pick-up / drop-off location change, pick-up / drop-off time change, car class change, passenger number change, customer name change, etc.
If the change reduces the service rate, the difference in the amount paid as an advance will be returned, with the proviso that the bank charges related to this payment will be fully borne by the customer. If the fees related to the payment are equal to or higher than the amount that must be returned to the customer, this operation will no longer be carried out. By accepting these conditions, the customer understands and agrees with this provision. Any changes at the time of arrival at the pick-up due to flight delays or early arrivals, or baggage collection delays will not be considered as changes provided they do not exceed 15 minutes from the scheduled time.

For regular transfers, it is not allowed to exceed the scheduled times by more than 15 minutes.

For private/individual/vip transfers, at the passenger's request, the driver can exceed the scheduled departure time, but not more than 2 hours. Parking is charged with 20.- ron every 30 minutes.

Billing and payment policy, including the traded currency;
The traded currency is RON
A tax invoice is issued upon request


Requests to cancel the reservation (rental) of a means of transport must be sent to us, in writing, and will only be effective if received by us. The cancellation can be done by you, using the "My Voucher" section or by sending an e-mail to office@transferairport.ro
In the case of cancellations, the money paid as an advance will be returned only if the cancellation occurred at least 72 hours before the pick-up. The amount paid as an advance will be returned, with the proviso that the bank fees related to this payment will be fully borne by the customer. If the fees related to the payment are equal to or higher than the amount that must be returned to the customer, this operation will no longer be carried out. By accepting these conditions, the customer understands and agrees with this provision. For cancellations made less than 72 hours before the trip, the client accepts that the amount paid in advance will not be returned. In cases of force majeure, M&M Express SRL can cancel the reservation of a means of transport at any time. In this case, the client's money will be returned in full, at the expense of M&M Express SRL, without paying compensation.

M&M Express reserves the right to refuse a reservation in the following situations:
- if the passenger is intoxicated
- if the passenger has consumed hallucinogenic substances
- if the passenger is verbally and/or physically aggressive
- if the passenger does not have proper hygiene, disturbing the other passengers
- if the passenger shows symptoms of flu or other contagious diseases
- if the passenger comes from an area affected by different forms of infectious diseases

In the case of online card transactions according to MasterCard and Visa regulations, the amounts must be returned to the original card from which the money was received, IF THE CANCELLATION WAS MADE 72 HOURS BEFORE THE TRANSPORTATION.


If we act as an intermediary agent, the service contract is between you and the supplier, not with us. As an agent, we will not accept any responsibility for services performed incorrectly or incompletely by the respective supplier. We accept our responsibility, if the mistake belongs to our employees. In this case, the maximum limit of our liability is twice the amount paid to M&M Express SRL. Any claim for compensation for death or personal injury resulting from the use of the service must be made directly to the service provider and is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the country in which the service was provided. If errors occasionally appear on our website, as soon as we notice them or they are reported to us by customers, we will make every effort to correct them as soon as possible. We do not assume responsibility for the information contained on the site, if it is the victim of computer viruses.

M&M Express cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather and traffic phenomena.


All communications between M&M Express SRL and you after the reservation are made by e-mail or in person at the company's headquarters. We recommend that you read your e-mail messages before starting your trip so that you are aware of any changes or cancellations regarding your reservation. It is your responsibility to provide us with correct and complete information regarding your e-mail address and phone number. mobile phone and inform us about any changes. It is essential that you provide us with a mobile phone number where we can contact you during the trip. Otherwise, M&M Express SRL does not assume responsibility for the messages that should have been sent to you.

RO 21807926
GOAL. +40-744907907, +40-742224242, +40-268310444
EMAIL ; office@transferairport.ro


Any question or request for reimbursement regarding the services, must be addressed in writing to M&M Express SRL, at the address: reclamatii@transferairport.ro


The presented terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Romania. By accepting these terms and conditions, you expressly agree that any dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Romanian courts.


M&M Express SRL guarantees the confidentiality of the information received.

The policy regarding the processing of personal data