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Even if some of the restrictions are going to be lifted, we will have to respect some recommendations/obligations which are targeted towards carriers and passengers, such as: the cleaning of vehicles and their interior, avoiding crowds, keeping a safe distance and the necessity of wearing a mask.

If you travel with M&M Express

The obligations that M&M Express has:

The vehicles are going to be sanatized after every transported group/family - as they were in the past

The company's driver is going to wear a protective mask during the whole trip and he/she is going to make sure every passenger has a mask as well.

The comapny's driver will use hand sanitizer after every time he/she touches luggage or money.

The obligations that passengers have:

In case any health issues appear, with or without COVID-19 respiratory symptoms, he/she has to cancel the trip.

When enetering the vehicle, he/she has to sanatize his/her hands and must use the protection mask which he/she will wear during the entire trip.

They won't consume any type of food during the trip.

In case of travelling with other passengers, it is very important that he/she must avoid sneezing/coughing in the direction of other passengers.

Recomandations regarding the corect social behaviour in order to stop the spred of COVID-19

  • Try to avoid interaction with frequently touched surfaces such as: door knobs, handles, acces buttons.
  • In case you have to interact with this objects protect yourself using hand wipes, sanatizers or rubber gloves
  • Make sure that after using public transportation you sanatize your hands before touching your face, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid using cash money, trying to use credit cards/contactless pay or online purchases.
  • Use the protection mask when using public transportation in order to protect yourself and others.
  • Don't touch your nose, eyes or mouth with dirty hands.
  • The protection mask/surgical mask protects people around you, preventing the spread of the virus through the air.
  • The mask has to cover up the entire mouth and nose of the person wearing it.
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